Why I became a fitness coach …

Being young with a weight problem.

Weight seems to be a big problem for young people. In my case I was a very skinny person and I decided to do something about it. I was tired of feeling so thin, feeling small and feeling inferior to other more muscular friends. I had to get out of this small body and I had to do it fast. Little I knew how long it would take and how confusing information I would receive.

I wanted to build muscle by joining a gymnasium in a fitness center but everybody told me that I was too young to seriously work-out and that I should wait until I’m 18 years old.  The scary part was that I was told that I will stop growing normally into adulthood if I started lifting heavy weights too soon. I listened and I did light weights only but I wasn’t making any progress towards my goal of gaining body mass.

Mass I wanted to gain and so I decided to do my own research. The first insight was to do lifting weights with a typical split routine that is not an optimal training program, and then the gym trainer showd me a upper lower program that is better than a split routine for naturals but he just gave me machine exercises.That is how you make the slowest gains ever just doing machine work and he told me it will help me to adapt to a training program with dumbbells and barbells. But machine work it is nothing specific to the free weight movements like barbells and dumbbells so it will not Cary over at all. an example doing a leg curl machine will not Cary over enough to do a barbell Deadlift. The typical routine is split routine program is were you train your muscle 1 a week, this is not efficient enough to build fast muscle, fast strength, fast work capacity, and fast fat loss. Second insight was to eat clean food, that consists in eating food that is not already made, its  food that you cook yourself. clean foods are lintels beans, pasta rice, bread for some people white pasta, white rice, withe bread, will feel good and for others it haves to be all full grain, for me the combination of both feels best but for everybody will be different. also clean foods like meat,fish,deary,eggs, nuts,seeds,specially fruits, vegetables are very important to get all the micro nutrients.

I made some gains in mass as I had lots of appetite but after 6 month the progress came to a sad halt. I ate less and I was bored with my slow progress. The programmers and advice I have received from qualified people did hinder instead of help me. From this moment it was clear that I had to become a fitness trainer to help myself.

I left school and volunteered my free services at different fitness centers. This was quite and easy decision to make as I was clear that it is what I want to do and my parents supported me all the way, both financially and emotionally.

Being young with a passion problem.

I observed many methodologies, philosophies and fitness practices over a one year period. Some were good and others were mediocre when it came to results. As I was not allowed to have clients I started to build up my own group of students whom I trained for free.

I knew that I loved helping people in building muscle strength and also assist them in their fat loss efforts. I had great success with my group and it really inspired me. Following my passion made me see that I’m good at helping others to be the best version of themselves. This gave me great joy and I was blossoming.

I also realized that my dream was far beyond muscles, body weight and fitness. What I really wanted to be was yet to come. To be a complete coach. To coach people regarding good relationships with their minds, their bodies and with each other, this is my dream.

Working for others didn’t allow me to train people effectively in beautiful relationships with the mind, the body, fit emotions and with others. There was only one avenue open for me and it was to be my own boss with my own websites, my own videos and my own clients.

Being young with no problem.

Now I’m filled with motivation to go to work every day. My plans, my ideas and my creativity now flourish. I now want to share my knowledge and experience with you guys to help you and me to live a better life.

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