10 things you should know before you start working out …


My top 10 tips that will save you from wasting time and get real results fast.

1. Do extensive research about your needs but pay more attention to people who talk “belly button sense” talk.

Spinning is the name of the game. Not the stationary bicycle sport that we know. This spinning is from so called fitness gurus who present facts in such a way that it spins your mind around and around. They actually present money making lies as fitness wisdom and it can cause you emotional harm, even more, it can kill your motivation, cause injuries and leaves you frustrated.

I want to especially draw your attention to the “shredded steroid” advocates who promotes this as the best routine and they even show you their amazing personal transformation. Most followers burn out quickly because of the high volume exercises they prescribe and only a few people with good genetics make the gains as promised.

If it sounds too good to be true then it is. Trust your belly button gut feeling and you will progress the fastest. It is all about yo. So, trust YOU!

2. If your goal is to build muscle, gain strength, and lose fat.

When you just start out you should be gaining at least 3 kg (6 LB ) of muscle a month. Naturally and slowly the big gains will decrease as your body is getting used to the exercise routine. And every week add 2.5-7.5 kg (5-15 LB)of weight on the barbell. If you are not getting those results something is missing. You should be losing weight between 2-6 kg (5-13) a month depending how much fat you have.


The point is you should not loose weight to fast or not you will have stretch marks that can be painful not good looking ad you can only remove it trough surgery. If you lose weight to slow you are just not getting the results than you could be getting.

3. Don’t follow a workout programe of someone who is a steroid user if you are natural.

I will tell you 3 things of steroids users so that you can have a better idea from who you are taking advice.

  • They get (Gynecomastia) that happens when estrogen levels get to high, but it isn’t possible to get it wen you have a very good physique. Only if you are very fat or In teenagers it can happen slightly been natural.
  • They look shredded, big full muscles and veins every were and they got overdevelop traps and rear delts without training them directly.
  • They are professional bodybuilder so they are 99% taking steroids.

You can also train with specific exercises for specific muscle groups were you will look as a guy who is using low doses of steroids naturally, i always thought chest and arms were the muscle that make you look big but that is not the truth. You also need the right intensity and the right volume, with a good periodization program and the proper nutrition i will help you achieve the yoked look. My eBook is coming out soon so that you can achieve that goal.

Your body is totally different on steroids. If you are natural and you want to get your best results follow full body workouts 3 days per week, or at least an upper lower program 4 days a week. When you follow split routine program as a natural you will make gains as a beginner, but after a few weeks or months you will plateau completely or you will make very slow gains.

After that you have to start doing more efficient workouts.Training your muscles once a week is to little stimulation they need 2-3 times per week training frequency, protein synthesis in naturals last 24-72 h depending on your fitness level. Split routine were created by steroid users because they can train their  muscle very hard once a week and make awesome gains, because their protein synthesis last for a owl week.

Full body workouts are also better in burning more calories to help you lose weight. Full body workouts are exhausting in the beginning, but you then get a lot of work capacity from it so that you can handle them. Think about it you are doing your compound legs exercises back, chest, shoulder, arms, core everything.

4. The myth that you can only start lifting at 16 and you can only lift heavy at 18 is not true.

The earliest age i recommend to train with weights is at 13 years old normally at that age you experience lots of hormone change your testosterone is much higher then if you would be 11 or 12. So at 13-14 learn how to the exercises properly and when you have a very good technique and you did worm up properly there is no problem in lifting heavy once a week. If you are really in to lifting before the age off 13 i would suggest you do some calisthenics. IT WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR GROWTH! if you are training properly and doing some stretching exercises. If you don,t believe me look at Arnold Schwarzenegger he started lifting at the age of 13 and he is now 6’2″ feet 1’88 cm tall. one other example is Jeff Seid he started lifting at 12 years old and he is 6 feet tall so don’t give that bullshit you are going to be short, if you staid short is cause of your genetics.

5. No pain no gain that is a other big myth.

Muscle soreness doesn’t mean the muscle is growing it means the muscle tissue is swollen up, cause it got a new stimulus you did slow negatives or muscle stretching exercises,but you can achieve a good physique without pain. Specially if you do full body workout you will never be sore or just slightly and you will make good gains.

6. Get shredded to look good.

If you are natural 90% of you wen you cut down below 10% body fat you will feel tied, weak, fatigued maybe you wont heaven get your dick up! and you will look small and flat. If you still decide to get shredded do it then at least at 20 years old, if you get shredded or stay shredded it can influence with your height growth cause your starving your body. You will look like a guy that does calisthenics ore swimming not bodybuilding, the only thing you will have great cuts awesome 6 pack, but you will get health issues eventually shredded. If a guy looks big and full and haves veins and cuts every were he haves 1% awesome genetics or he is on steroids. If you want to look big as natural lifter i recommend you stay between 12-18% body fat.

7. Training your muscle once a week ore you will overtrain.

This is a big myth i would say if you train your muscle 1 a week it is under training. if you want to get the best results you can i would train your muscles 3 times a week, you can even take a lagging muscle group and train it every day for 1 ore 2 month with very high volume no heavy weight you stop training the muscle for 2 weeks and you start working it again you will see how pumpd up you get and how fast your lagging muscle group will grow.

8. You have to do cardio to loose fat.

You don’t need to do cardio to loose fat, it can help you to burn more calories but the most important thing is the diet, you have to be in a caloric deficit and on a low carb diet to loose fat. The cardio can help you get there but it is not essential.

9. Woman don’t be afraid to train with weights.In fact you have to if you want to look nice and sexy.

You can not get big and muscular without steroids, all this big muscular woman are taking steroids!. You produce at least 7 times less testosterone than a Mail. If you do just cardio you will never look good with average genetics.  what you should do is get stronger and train mostly with compound exercises that will help you achieve the body you always wanted. You can add cardio to your training routine but don’t think that only cardio will give you nice legs.

10. Just do 2-3 sets of 10-15 reps for every exercise.

If you do this you will make gains in the beginning but after few weeks ore months you will plateau. Cause there is no best muscle or strength building exercise. There is no magical rep range for each goal, the best rep ranges is to incorporate all rep ranges heavy 1-5 reps medium 8-12 reps volume 15-25 reps. So you stimulate different muscle fibers trough doing different rep ranges so you target every muscle fiber. For strength you also need to do volume work that will help to improve your strength most of the time the strongest guys can also handle more volume.

You want to know the best way to get strong and muscular fast without any plateau. get my eBook coming out soon it will help you a lot specially you don’t have to go then trough all the mistakes i did starting out at the gym.

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